10 Cold Weather Camping Tips & Tricks!

10 Cold Weather Camping Tips & Tricks!

October 11, 2018

1. Hot water in Nalgene
Boil up some water to put in your Nalgene to create a hot water bottle to put in your sleeping bag. Put it in your bag 15 minutes before you go to sleep so you get into a warm sleeping bag!  Make sure you screw the lid on tight to avoid disaster.

2. Ikea Blue Bag
Line your pack with an Ikea blue bag to make sure everything stays dry. The bag can also be used for covering your pack (or your head!) in the rain, or hauling wood.

3. Keep sleeping socks in the bottom of your sleeping bag
Keep a pair of socks dedicated to sleeping only in the bottom of your sleeping bag to ensure your socks are dry and ready for bedtime. Even better if your hot water bottle is in there too to heat up your socks before you get into bed!

4. Vaseline coated cotton balls
Make easy and light weight fire starters by coating cotton balls in Vaseline. Throw them in an old Advil bottle to make sure they stay dry.

5.Wear synthetics
Breathable fabrics are extra important to keep your body temperature regulated. Moisture wicking fabrics will ensure your sweat doesn’t cling to your body, keeping you wet and cold.

6. Lithium ion batteries for electronics
Lithium ion batteries provide the best performance in cold weather. If temperatures drop really low, keep your electronics close to your body when you sleep to ensure they don’t die. Try warming up your batteries with your hands if they stop working due to the cold.

7. Glow in the dark zipper tabs
Fumbling in the dark looking for your tent zippers and sleeping bag zipper is annoying enough in warm temperatures, never mind when it’s cold and you have to pee. Glow in the dark zipper tabs are a great option to get in and out quickly and painlessly.

8. Wrap fuel bottles in duct tape to prevent frostbite
Aluminum fuel bottles get extremely cold when temperatures drop below zero, so it’s a good idea to wrap the bottles in duct tape so you can handle them without gloves without getting frostbite from the cold bottle.

9. Open tent vents
It may seem counter intuitive to open the vents in your tent in cold weather, but the condensation from your breath and body heat will make your tent humid and cold. Keep the vents open to prevent moisture from building up and to keep you warm! 

10. Stake your tent with rocks
There’s nothing worse than trying to drive your tent stakes into cold, frozen ground. Instead of working up a sweat fighting a losing battle, stake your tent with rocks. Tie your tent line around a small, long shaped rock. Then place a large rock on top of the line, and pull rock until the tent is tightly pitched.

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