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A few years ago, we started noticing that something was missing, there was a gap in the market that needed to be filled. After going on multiple backcountry adventures and wanting to bring an alcoholic beverage to relax with at the end of the day, we were always faced with the same problem. Beer and wine was too heavy and bulky to carry and drinking straight spirits was certainly not enjoyable. After trying to mix our spirits with Crystal Light, Gatorade powder, Mio drops, etc. we couldn't find something suitable to elevate our spirits that would remind us of a great cocktail. After doing tons of research online to find a dehydrated/powdered cocktail mixer alternative, we were shocked to find that nothing was on the market, in this day and age where the craft cocktail industry is growing exponentially.
We decided to combine our bartending backgrounds with our love for the outdoors and create this product out of necessity. While we had great knowledge in making cocktails fresh, we initially had no clue how to make its dehydrated counterpart. We spent a full year researching and developing processes to get where we are today. It involved a lot of trial and error in our basement at home, the way great companies often start! 
We love our pocket cocktails, and we know you will too.

Our premium dehydrated cocktail mixers have all the ingredients you need to recreate your favourite cocktails, all you need to do is add water and spirits. We are offering you the ultimate convenience of a dehydrated product, without compromising on taste ! Whatever it is you are out doing, back country or back yard, BarCountry is your reward for chasing the adventure.


Mat Plamondon Co-Founder BarCountry CocktailsMathieu Plamondon, Co-Founder

Hi, I'm Mat, Co-founder at BarCountry. I believe that we provide more than amazing cocktails, it's your reward at the end of your adventure, your moment to gather with friends and share something special. Our cocktails are here to remind you to slow it down and enjoy the moment. It's the start of a great conversation. Cheers !



Kole Kuntz, Co-FounderKole Kuntz Co-Founder BarCountry Cocktails

Hi, I'm Kole, Co-founder at BarCountry. I've always believed that doing what you love the most will ensure you wake up happy, everyday. This is why I started BarCountry, I get to work on two of my biggest passions on a daily basis : outdoor adventures and making great cocktails. Do what you love, love what you do ! 



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